Central Surgical Association (CSA)
Spring 2021 Twitter
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2020 New Members

Congratulations to our newly elected members at the 2020 Virtual Business Meeting. These members will receive their membership certificates at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Naveen Balasundaram, MD, Columbia, MO
Joal D. Beane, MD, Columbus, OH
John W. Cromwell, MD, Iowa City, IA
Francesca M. Dimou, MD, Saint Louis, MO
Kevin M. El-Hayek, MD, Cleveland, OH
Chadrick Evans, MD, Peoria, IL
Alisan Fathalizadeh, MD, MPH, Cleveland, OH
Vivian Gahtan, MD, Maywood, IL
Kevin L. Grimes, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Tammy M. Holm, MD, PhD, Cincinnati, OH
Monika A. Krezalek, MD, MS, Highland Park, IL
Jeremy M. Lipman, MD, MHPE, Cleveland, OH
Ingrid M. Lizarraga, MD, MBBS, Iowa City, IA
Reynold I. Lopez-Soler, , Hines, IL
Shannon L. McChesney, MD, Louisville, KY
Alexandria D. McDow, MD, Indianapolis, IN
Trang K. Nguyen, MD, Indianapolis, IN
T.K. Pandian, MD, PhD, Saint Louis, MO
Carrie Y. Peterson, MD, MS, Milwaukee, WI
Jason O. Robertson, MD, MS, Cleveland, OH
Scott K. Sherman, MD, Iowa City, IA
Latifa Silski, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Robert Simon, MD, Cleveland, OH
James S. Spitz, MD, Glenview, IL
Anne M. Stey, MD, MSc, Chicago, IL
Tadaki M. Tomita, , Chicago, IL
Anna Tyson, MD, MPH, Skokie, IL
Rebecca A. Uhlmann, MD, MS, Mcallen, TX
Kyle J. Van Arendonk, MD, PhD, Milwaukee, WI
Andrew A. Wheeler, MD, Columbia, MO
Gregory C. Wilson, MD, Cincinnati, OH

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