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Secretary's Message

Wendy L. Wahl, MD
Wendy L. Wahl, MD

Summer 2021 brought us the second joint meeting of the CSA and MSA in Chicago with 225 attendees between the two societies. The CSA career development awards, the Turcotte Award and the CSAF Enrichment Award, were awarded to Dr. Joal D. Beane and Dr. Kyle J. Van Arendonk, respectively. Congratulations, we look forward to hearing how these awards support your future work! As a devoted trainee of Dr. Turcotte, I know he would be proud and would hope that you will continue to love and support the CSA! In addition, the scientific presentations were excellent, and the ability to directly interact with our peers was a long-awaited relief. But just as the excitement of a great meeting was wearing off, the creep of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic came upon us. The number of hospitalizations, ventilated patients and deaths is on the rise. It is too soon to tell if this will translate into delays in elective operations due to bed capacity and concerns over spreading the virus. While a lot is unknown, one thing is certain, our members will continue to serve people in need, promote academic endeavors, and educate those in training. It is important to remember that we are needed no matter what is going on in the world, and it is vital that we care and support each other through these difficult times. Stay connected, reach out to those who may need support and keep yourself healthy! We need you and all of our surgical colleagues!


Wendy L. Wahl, MD

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