Central Surgical Association
DEI Calendar

The Central Surgical Association is fully committed to support, promote, and honor diversity in all its forms. To this end, the DEI Committee has launched its DEI Calendar project.

A DEI Calendar is an important instrument to recognize the heterogeneity of members, cultures, and beliefs. Celebrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion helps to promote these values. The CSA’s DEI Calendar is a list of important dates (religious holidays, cultural festivals, heritage months, monthly diversity program themes, etc.). Every month the Central Surgical Association will encourage its members to participate actively with the Calendar by writing personal histories, stories, and features that highlight dates meaningful to them. You are not alone; an important date for you is also an important date for the entire Association. Please share your thoughts by logging into the Members Only Area and clicking on the “Share Your Story” button, so that the CSA may reflect and/or celebrate with you.

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